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E-Mail Policy at Rick's Computers

Spam, spam, spam. Almost everyone gets it and everyone hates it, yet we can't seem to stop it. At Rick's Computers, we employ multiple lines of defense in an attempt to reduce the amount of unwanted e-mail that we receive. This defense currently consists of checks against multiple blacklists, followed by spam filtering algorithms.

It is not our intent to block or discard any legitimate e-mail, only to reduce the amount of wasted time sifting through unsolicited commercial e-mail. If your messages are being blocked or seem to be disappearing without reaching their intended recipient, contact us by phone or use our webForm. We can check our e-mail system to help determine the problem, and then either assist you in correcting a configuration issue on your end, or implement filter overrides on our end to allow your messages to reach their intended destination.

Some things to keep in mind when composing messages to us would be to try to avoid terms and phrases that sound like a sales pitch. Messages with many recipients also raise red flags. Messages with HTML and embedded objects are not classified as spam but do increase the likelyhood of being rejected.

We do accept attachments but not all types. Please avoid sending us any attachments that could be executable as they will be stripped from the message and discarded without the possibility of retrieval.

We value the level of communication that e-mail affords us and hope that there will not be any problems when you send us messages. We apologize if any legitimate messages are not reaching their intended destination. We hope that the guidelines above and our assistance if necessary, will allow the electronic lines of communication to remain open.

  If you have any questions regarding our web pages, please contact Web-Ster@riks.com.